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Join the Mothers' Circle
Mother's Circle
Cuddle Corner
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Join the Mothers' Circle
Join the Mothers' Circle

The first 50 people who purchase MILK in time for Mother's Day (May 11, 2014) will be invited to add their mother's name (or a mother of their choosing) to the Mothers' Circle.

Mother's Circle
Mother's Circle

Patricia Marin
Eastlyn Myra Mendez
Jenny Mason
Jada-Moon Gridley
Amber Flame
Christina Springer
Ramata Diebate
Amber Croyle
JP Howard
Anastacia Tolbert
Khadijah Queen
Barbara Ann Tolbert
Kathy Bell
Maria Marin
Leilani Lewis
Tracy Rector
Kristi Brown-Wokoma
Ella Juanita Taylor
Laura Ellen Ryals
Dionne Beverly
Jamica Reese Carradine
A. Lys
Dixie Camardo
Veronica Young
Margaret Bell
Wanda Brothers
Carolyn Treadway



Cuddle Corner
Cuddle Corner

Sometimes the person who loves you isn't biologically related to you, sometimes they are but they aren't your Mum. If you would like to honor someone in your life who has shown you care, compassion, and kindness by NURTURING you through calm and choppy waters, please use the Contact Form to submit their name to the Cuddle Corner (Subject Line: Cuddle Corner).


Keilonne O'Brien
Nikola Marin
Bonnie Brooks
Chris Shaw
Ashaki Jackson
Bettina Judd
Abe Louise Young
NaKeesa Marie Frazier