When I was a mother of a newborn, I rarely had time to read books-- I spent a lot of time on my smartphone, connecting with people through social media during the first few isolating months. As my baby got bigger and more active, reading seemed to slip into the realm of memory and to be honest, I haven't had the joy of spending a day just reading in a very long time. My son is three and I wanted to make MILK accessible to folks who may not have time for the ceremony of luxuriously reading a book. Moms know what I'm saying!

If you don't already know, Gin Hammond, is an incredibly talented voice artist. It's not everyday that two women of color have the opportunity to pool their expertise and really work together on a project, but that's exactly why I am so grateful to have had the chance to work with Gin to develop an audio companion to MILK.

As a special thank you, please enjoy these audio recordings by Gin Hammond from MILK.

More soon!

Gin Hammond received her MFA from the A.R.T. at Harvard University/Moscow Art Theatre. She has performed both nationally and internationally with stellar reviews. Hammond received a Kathleen Cornell award, and WA state grants from Allied Arts, The Mayor’s Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, Artist Trust, 4Culture, as well as from the NEA. Her voice(s) can be heard on Jim French's Imagination Theatre, Super Granny, Cake Mania, Westward, and Nancy Drew video games, a wide range of industrials, audiobooks produced by Redwood and Cedar House Audio, and Halo 3 ODST. She currently resides in Seattle with her husband, where she writes, directs, teaches and performs.